Monday, January 23, 2017

New Year Same Shit

IT'S A BOY!! holy shit, everything is flying by so fast shit has to slow down a bit. So the family knows, some of the JJGs knows, the only thing I don't know is the name, that is the question I got the most "what you gonna call him? got a name already?" calm down guys, let me digest the fact that I am having a baby boy first lol or even that I am gonna be a dad! so I've got the chance to talk to some of my close friends apparently I don't seem like the kind of guy who is gonna be a dad anytime soon, but whuddya know SUPRISE ********* lol need to cut back on the profanities.

Anywaysss~~ so I've got a few names only english, then the brother says "ehh you need to get chinese name oso lah" oh mai god, he is actually right! let me get something straight, my mandarin or cantonese can't do shit, simple sentences, how to go to the toilet I can manage, but I am no scholar, I can give a random name like my dad did to me --, thanks dad (a korean ping pong player) but other than that I can't do shit. Oh well there's a few months left, I'll figure it out.

Work-wise, quite good, still stuck with a fucking retard manager tho, well atleast he's not that annoying anymore, so I guess I'll live. Things are different now, never have I thought I'll be so clueless in life, but with all these things that's coming up my goals are pretty clear as well, can't wait to be a dad and for that raise at the end of March!! been hearing loads of good news, so I'm expecting them to be real.

Gotta go to another ship, that's all folks here's my yesterday visit, onboard Bexxait PxV 1 (censorship never know when you need em, just me being paranoiod.)

Friday, September 30, 2016

The Old Me

Whats up peeps/peep, its been a long long looong time since i last posted, almost 4 years to be exact. AND in these 4 years alot of things happened and changed, best one yet is I'm married! hell yea and thats not all expecting as well! By far the best news in 2016.
In exception to the above good news 2016 has been a really bad year, a shitty one to be exact, so much friggin dramas, see, eversince college I'm not exactly the type of guy to indulge myself with negativity, but when it hit you with a huge smelly garbage truck you not only notice that shit, it takes a toll on you. After all these never-ending turmoil, I am somehow still grateful, it somehow turned into 'one thing led to another' type of story.
Growing up is...hmmm how do i put it? it's interesting, I don't actually realize it till one saturday morning, drinking my cup of cold coffee (yea I like my coffee cold early in the morning, deal with it) it's actually today, I'm still the old me just less enthusiastic and less outgoing, same perspective different approach, countless mistakes and thats it I just keep going work things out as it goes, I don't stop, the thought of being stagnant scares me brrrr. Well my washing machine just beeped me, have a great day! and here is a picture of retired doraemon and my cold coffee xD

Friday, December 14, 2012

A point in my life.

So yesterday was amazing, went onboard arkat, brunei's lng vessel weighing at roughly 40 te 280+ m in length. It was like a dream came true, not only that i was around the ccr(control room) with a team of capable engineers loading the liquefy natural gas into the tanks. I was there to witness the whole operation. Words cant explain how awesome it was so...

Went on board at around 1.30 pm local time and got off at 2 a.m tokyo time. Oh yea they gave me an accommodation  The cabin was equally awesome! they asked me to take a rest before commencing the test at around 11 p.m local time, but no sleep was taken as i was too excited, i was like a kid in a candy store. Everything amazes me, can't show it due to work ethics but deep inside i was jumping around! =P

Met the crew talked with them and they personally handed me 2 packs of ciggarates haha..The most visited room was the smoking area=p figures..

When the whole operation ended, prepare the documentation and what not. I was off board at around 2+ am tokyo time, had to use the mini train with 7 others technicians and crews. Took us around 15 minutes to get onboard, the morning breeze was cold but i was still burning with excitement from the visit, probably why i didn't really bother with the freezing air. The journey back had me thinking, as we leave that particular moment which was  a great part of our life, its a choice we make whether to stay in the present and look back the whole time thinking will we ever have that moment again, or do we just look forward and wait for something greater to happen. I don't really believe in planning, the greatest thing about life(which im going through baby stepping) is anticipating on what would happen in the future. Good or bad we still have to go through them, its whether we want it to stop us or move forward..
So thats the jumbled up version of what i have in mind =P 

Friday, November 30, 2012


Look at what i found..=) waw, way back

Thursday, November 29, 2012

How has it been?

Glad you're doing fine =)

SO! bought a new toy for my baby last weekend.

Stock box air filter
HKS Reloaded
Stroll around gadong and serusop area, wanted to get the K&N conical filter but then the shop was closed! -.- So went to SHH in Menglait, and got an HKS, and 2 reducers, 2.8" from the throttle body, 3" to the filter. The piping was done by a friend in Salar, Tanah Jambu area. Gives quite a boost to the acceleration and top speed, when was using the stock filter, it takes time to reach 180, but now 140-200ish in no time. All in all every penny was worth it. My first mod to car =D

HKS Reloaded Filter- B$250-B$25
HKS Reducers- B$55 each. -B$7 each
Brought a friend to SHH- more discounts xD

Saturday, November 17, 2012

Goodness Gracious!

I was worried sick! Thank god it was a false call, still thinkin whether it was true in the first place or not -.- if it wasn't that was the worse way to get my attention..Well anyway everything goes back to normal, just need to focus on work and training, currently taking rigging and slinging..looking forward for more training =)

got this from sneakhype xD

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

a little too late lah~ =)

A little too late? =]

A quote by Bob Marley

Somehow one news changes everything.. Still hoping for the better =]

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

I'll be good,i promise.

Shit happens, let me get through this please..I promise i'll be good =S really, i will. So i got a shitty news, hasn't been this long..please let it be a fake call..

Funny Shit, For Real..Especially the lift part xD

Friday, November 2, 2012


So found this picture. a cool picture. random? -,- yea...what to do..ngintong ja=P

Randomness Today
I say: Dunno, i think the bag is cool..
She say: Is it for a guy?
I say:Err, the sales girl said it was for lady..But she hesitated
She say: Hahaha
I say: Maybe I'm going gay.
She say: Don't ehh~ so waste...=P

The words might not be the one processed in my head..but
The used to be loser =) is appreciated hahaha. Made my day.

Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Its a semi new beginning.

Taking bits of you with me =P So here's some outdated pictures OF ME! along the way towards the end of course in JBCE.

Well i'll try to make things simple and not so complicated =)

Drake- Fall For Your Type

i just can't explain this shit at all.

Friday, January 16, 2009

Tasek Lama outings xP

Its been a while since the last tym i hold jeje's camera, one beautiful, before goin to work, i decided go to tasek lama in bandar with jeje's brother azry xD had fun, altho --. din used the micro lens earlier -.-" ko tu azry~ k less talk more piccies ^^ yay! i miss bebe alot at last, after keeping it in i can tell the whole world that I Love Her so damn much~azry and his photo shooting pose xPkiub~ missing b~jz go with the flow ahh b xP--, mun kan smua b sja..*koff*a random 1 lalalathere's more but uploadin it takes alot of tym -.- so mayb tomorow and b's coming back ^^ YAY! i love you fatin aisya. *koff*